Looping Evolution

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Looping Evolution
Subject Matter: Language Barrier
Feb, 2019

Special Thanks to Ko Maruyama

This motion project represents what language barrier feels like. It is based on real experiences that happened to me when I first came to the U.S. At that time, my English was poor, and I had a variety of misunderstandings when I talked to American people. For instance, when I first heard ‘strawberry’, I had no idea it was the name of the fruit. While I knew it, I Felt amazing and I ask myself where the straw is in strawberry. After a few years, I would like to translate the interesting experiences into a motion graphic. Language barrier feels like ‘spacing out’, which means you are not in the moment, that your mind is somewhere else.

Language Barrier formulae:
Butter + Fly = Butterfly
Straw + Berry = Strawberry
Rain + Bow = Rainbow

They are transformed from one object to the other object in this looped animation.

Idea, Storyboard, and Mind Map

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Render References

Color Palette

Working Process

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