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When people are laughing and having a good time, they are listening
to you. We know what that is like. We know what prejudice is like.
We know what racism is like. So, the key is to figure out a way to address it — in the midst of everyone being entertained and having a good time — you say something about it.

Melvin Mar


MFA Thesis Research
ArtCenter College of design

Deaf is a grad thesis project shedding light on Asians stereotypes, language barrier, and culture shock in an entertaining way, which is based on personal experiences. Deaf addresses race and cultural assumptions and misunderstandings with comedy and grace, subverting stereotypes. People tend to be affected when moved to laughter or tears, I prefer the former. Deaf is composed of a series of videos by using TV news language, performing, Pop-up installation, book, posters, and takeaways.

DEAF Marks

deaf marks.jpg

DEAF Marks Motion


Stereotypes of Asian are often portrayed in the mainstream media, entertainment, literature, internet and other forms of creative expression in American society. These stereotypes have been largely and collectively internalized by society and have mainly negative repercussions for Americans of Asian descent and East Asian immigrants in daily interactions, current events, and government legislation. Media portrayals of Asians often reflect an Americentric perception rather than realistic and authentic depictions of true cultures, customs, and behaviors. Here is a series of videos that represents Asians stereotypes, language barrier, and culture shock in an entertaining way via news language and structure.


Video One: Perpetual Rice

Video Two: Model Minority Smile

Video Three: Nerdy Dance

Title Sequence for DEAF Videos



DEAF TV Dinner

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tv dinner tray label-01.jpg